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Floral Foam Bricks

Floral Foam Bricks Used in Natural,Dry & Artificial Flower Arrangment Pack of 2pcs (10 cm x 8 cm x 22 cm)



High compression strength that allows the use of Tropical stems in floral arrangement
Using method:- Fill container with water, put our floral foam brick into container slightly. Wait for several minutes until the floral foam brick absorbed water fully.
Wet floral foam bricks for arranging live flowers artificial flowers and other plants.
The most important role of floral foam bricks is to maintain the moisture of the flower. It can be used in the vase of the home, flower shop in the flower arrangement, DIY manual flower basket. You can use it under the flowers at the wedding, not only to hold the flowers but also to keep them fresh.
Right from the raw material to the finished product, these products have been handcrafted in India, and shall arrive at your home packed with utmost care to avoid any damage during transit.